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Zife Reference by BrutalDyingBreed Zife Reference by BrutalDyingBreed
Commission for :iconcatire:

I had so much fun making this. xD
If anything needs to be changed or added let me know.

Words are very small, so I'll describe here XD

Zife's bio:
Zife is a caring person to his friends. Always being nice and polite until someone takes advantage of it or goes too far.
Depending on the music he listens to affects his mood, including how people treat him. He always has an open ear to allow people to talk what they need to get off their chest. Some conversations can make him hyper, and usually DyingBreed jumps in to give it an extra boost and to give him a smile or laugh. DyingBreed (me) has given him the nickname of "Vaas" from FarCry3. Because his humor is somewhat same to Vaas'. In return, he has nicknamed me "Terror" by the Terror Mask of SplatterHouse since I'm like the mask. xD

Zife can be similar to me, only thing: I'm hot tempered and usually don't play around. Someone can joke or get sarcastic and I react back with my temper. Zife isn't as tempered, actually not even close. He can get ticked off at times, but is usually just caused by kids acting like retards. With me, I'm ticked off with everyone, everything. Which he calls himself "Goody two shoes".

Raver guy, loves the raving stuff, especially all that techno music and hardcore stuff. Anything you can technically rave to is probably in his interest.

Almost the same pelt tone as DyingBreed
Green stripe starts from the shoulders to the tail tip.
His paws may seem much larger, but are still smaller than DyingBreed's and is taller than DyingBreed.
His gums are black instead of a normal pinkish color and his tongue is green, it will only glow in Rage.

In "Rage" form his face would appear as a "pumpkin smile" The eyes will fully turn into a lime green color, and toxic liquid would pour constantly from the mouth until he leaves Rage.

Art :icondyingbreed18:
Zife :iconcatire:
Catire Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
BrutalDyingBreed Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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June 27, 2013
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